Helping you on your individual journey

Leading people toward wellness with long term, individualized, sustainable, holistic wellness plans, including lifestyle and mental health goals, while also forgoing short term fad diets that have previously led to physical and mental health rollercoasters  

Dive in the World Of Nutrition and Wellness

Tired of riding the diet rollercoaster? So was I… that’s why I started Craving Freedom Wellness!

One on One

You deserve 1-on-1 attention in your health journey


You're not a standardized human, so you don't need a standardized approach.


The last thing you need is another mountain to climb, let's take baby steps.


Join the growing community of health conscious individuals supporting one another.


It's about more than food. True wellness includes lifestyle, exercise, and mental health goals.


You're never alone in your journey with Craving Freedom Wellness.

Numbers Speak

Modern problems require modern solutions; current mainstream solutions aren’t cutting it!

fail a diet
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Diets don’t work, lets try wellness instead!

Americans are nutritionally deficient
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The U.S. may be well fed, but drastically undernourished. 

million Americans have a diagnosed eating disorder
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Americans mental health disorders are at an all time high.

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Benefits of my Method

What you can expect:
– 30 or 60 minute weekly session via Google Meet or in person.
– Personalized email, text, and call access for day to day continued support.
– Customized meal plans
– Customized, holistic lifestyle/wellness plans, including mental health goals
– Accountability + Compassion
– FREEDOM from the diet mentality. 
No more depriving yourself of tasty things and absolutely NO MORE STARVING to achieve temporary goals.
I look forward to beginning this journey with you!
Be Nourished,

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

You'll be able to help so many people because of your own personal journey! I know that's one reason I signed up...You have personal experience!
Kristy C.
I am so happy that I found Maegan! She helped me really love myself and view my body with love.
Lexie R.