About Me

Hello There!

Food, exercise, and overall wellness are things that can often lead us to feel either stuck, or out of control. However, I’m here to tell you that they’re actually meant to be things that better your life, including your mental health, and I look forward to guiding you down the path of holistic nutrition to your overall destination of health. It is possible! Health is hard to attain as well as maintain, and sometimes it can feel like a loosing battle, but I’m here for you and I’m proud of you for taking this first step toward wellness. 

Maegan Balogh



Allow me to introduce myself; I am Maegan and I am on a journey much like yours. I have had ups and downs, I’ve struggled with my own battles of mental health and eating disorders.  By the Grace of God I am in recovery and now a holistic nutritionist.

I have a passion for helping people to see themselves as God sees them: beautiful, wonderfully made, & full of purpose. I want to help you to have a better relationship with yourself and with food. 

Let’s not be miserable and starve ourselves with temporary solutions like diets, let’s make sustainable lifestyle changes together. Whether the weight needs to be lost or gained, we’re in this together.

With love,